Getting Lippy

This is a lip combo I've been enjoying lately. I've been pairing it with a brown smokey eye and some light contouring on the skin. I use the pencil all over the lips as a base and put the lighter nude lipstick over the top to make a more natural colour as I find the Pure Zen lipstick on its own can look a little too light for my skin. KIKO is a brand that has had a store in Leeds for a little while now and I've noticed they're launching a store in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham (for you Nottingham dwellers). It's really affordable and has a huge range of products! 

Lip liner: KIKO Lip Pencil in 310.
Lipstick: MAC Pure Zen. 


Being Organised

I received these makeup organisers for Christmas from my mum (thanks mum). They're clear so you can see all your makeup, which is hopefully going to make me use items that I haven't bothered with for a while. It looks neat and stylish on any desk or dressing table and are available for a steal on good old Ebay! 


Bleach London: Rosé

I literally haven't blogged in ages! Whoopsie! I thought I should get back on the blogging bandwagon, so, here is my first post in forever. 

On a huge whim I decided to dye my hair pink. The Bleach London display in Boots immediately caught my eye and the Rosé colour looked perfect. 

I used gloves to apply (pink hands aren't a good look) and just randomly slapped it on my hair, making sure I massaged it in well. I have quite long hair so I used (pretty much) the whole bottle.  Then fifteen minutes later I rinsed it out. My hair was natural blonde before dying it and I have a feeling the colour would work better on bleached hair. It did, however, leave a definite pink wash and I LOVE it! I now want pink hair forever and Bleach London allowed me to try it out before going for something more permanent, as it washes out within 2-10 washes. I would say, be careful to apply it evenly and some parts didn't colour quite as well as others. (I'll know for next time to maybe section my hair properly).

I'd highly recommend Bleach London hair colours as they are fun for when you're feeling experimental. At £5 it's well worth it and there are so many pretty shades to choose from. Have fun bleaching! 

Have you tried any other brands of pretty, colourful hair colours? Definitely let me know in a comment! 

Photo taken from Bleachlondon.com

Please excuse the poor photo quality - I left my canon at home up north.